Tips For a Successful Negotiation With an Insurance Company

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Car accidents have increased recently with the advent of major economic advancements. Thanks to modern advances, Americans can now move goods from one place to another conveniently and without long delivery times. As a result, the economic environments of different states have been effectively strengthened as this advancement takes shape from one area to another.  But despite having transformed our ways of life as seen above, the use of motor vehicles has increased number of accidents on our roads.  More people are forced into negotiating with their auto insurance company, whether it is for property damage or a personal injury claim.  Insurance negotiations can be tricky, so here are some major tips on how to negotiate your claim with your insurance company:

Make a Claim As Soon As Possible

After you’ve sought medical attention for your injuries and notified the necessary local authorities about the car accident, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. It is very important to initiate the claims process to give the insurance company time to set up your claim, which may take weeks.

Consider Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

If you are unsure about the value of your claim, or want to speak to a professional, it’s better to call them first.  A good personal injury lawyer will even tell you when the best move is to handle the claim yourself and not to hire an attorney at all.  However, if your injury claim is particularly complicated or involves serious medical bills, it is advisable to seek legal help before you pursue the claim on your own.

Wait Until You Know All of Your Damages

When making demands to the insurance company (whether in a demand letter or over the phone), you should always have an approximate figure of the amount you wish to receive as settlement. However, this does not mean that you should disclose the amount to the insurance adjuster.  You need to understand your total costs and damages. For example, what are your total past and future medical bills?  Have you missed any time from work, and what does that amount to?  Do you have any permanent injuries, and if so, to what extent will that affect your life?

The answers to these questions make up the total value of your injury claim.  You should know this value before you begin your negotiation, because this is what will adequately make up for the harms caused.

Do Not Accept The First Offer

The first offer you receive from the insurance company will be testing the waters in your ability to negotiate. Nearly always, the offer will be too low, an amount not close to what you lost. Do not be shocked or insulted by this offer.  Make a counter offer, or consult with a legal professional to do it for you.

Talk To Your Lawyer

The best asset that an accident victim can have is a seasoned personal injury attorney. With their expertise in handling similar cases, your attorneys can ensure a smoother and more transparent legal process.  Call our office today for a free consultation.

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