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Civil law cases are those that are not criminal in nature, and generally revolve around seeking justice for a legal right. It may be a car accident where you end up sustaining severe injuries or just a common family tussle over property ownership. Despite being common and prevalent in many households, such cases require complex legal expertise that may require an experienced Sugar Land civil lawyer to assist.

For many, such cases are prohibitive due to the amount of time and finances that one must expend in order to succeed in their desired goal. Even so, such success is not always guaranteed, especially when your civil lawyer does not address your case with the seriousness it may deserve. But with the able assistance of our Sugar Land civil lawyers, you are assured of a timely and cost-efficient civil litigation.

As you may expect, civil law covers a much wider spectrum compared to other forms of litigation. However, you or your business may be left with no better choice than to file a claim whenever necessity arises. You may find yourself entrenched in a contract enforcement issue, a real estate dispute, or even a business management problem. Should this be the case, our Sugar Land civil lawyers can be the best asset to help with your issue. Not only will our attorneys best represent you or your business, but they will also keep detailed records of any costs incurred. These benefits allow you get to have mental and financial freedom to proceed with your life as usual.

What Are The Processes Involved In a Civil Law Case?

A civil case takes place in three major phases, namely pre-litigation, litigation, and appeal if necessary. During pre-litigation, the parties try to resolve their issues amicably and without the need for court intervention. If this is unsuccessful, the Plaintiff then files a petition with the court, starting the litigation phase.

In litigation, the defendant is given an opportunity to respond to claims made by the plaintiff. Both parties exchange vital information such as relevant evidence to prove liability and damages, and each party may depose the opposing side or relevant witnesses for more information. Once this is completed, litigation follows to a trial.

During trial, both parties engage in presenting their evidence to a judge or jury to determine or overrule liability and damages. They begin with persuasive opening statements and continue with examining witnesses and producing relevant documents as part of their evidence. When done, they make their closing remarks as the jury weighs in on the nature of the case, giving a verdict based on how the evidence presented by both parties.

If either party is not happy with the verdict, either side can file an appeal. In the appellate process, either of the parties ask a higher court of law if they feel that there were errors made during the trial. This tends to be the last phase in a civil case, and the higher court affirms the original court’s decisions, it cannot be appealed again.

We Can Help You

Regardless of your particular needs, our Sugar Land civil lawyers can assist you through the litigation process for you or your business. Our attorneys have helped litigate numerous cases pertaining to contract disputes, employment litigation, or business disagreements. You are be assured that our litigation professionals will see your interests are maintained throughout the legal process. Please contact our office for a free consultation.

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