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A human brain is a small, but it is a vital organ that controls all primary functions of the body. It is a sensitive part of your body that can suffer irreversible and detrimental harm whenever taken for granted. Anyone can be at risk of receiving a brain injury, as many incidents can result in a person hitting their head.

These harms can trigger life-threatening problems to any individual who has suffered such injuries, so if your brain injury was caused by the negligence of another person, it is essential to contact a Sugar Land brain injury lawyer for guidance on the necessary steps to follow.

Primary and Secondary Brain Injury

There are two types of brain injuries. For primary injuries, they are caused from direct trauma, and they include injury caused by the bruising or damaging blood vessels.

Secondary injuries are caused by indirect trauma and can result in different complications, including low blood pressure, hypoxia, swelling, blood flow changes, and increased intracranial pressure.

Anoxic Brain Injury

This type of brain injury can result from both internal and external forces, such as various forms of anemia and other diseases like asthma. Also, certain types of medication overdose, choking, strangulation, smoke inhalation, and drowning can cause severe cases of anoxia and hypoxia.

Open Head Injury

Open head injuries result whenever a low or high projectile penetrates the skull. Penetrating brain injuries may be caused by skull bone fragments or foreign objects forced into the brain. These are very serious injuries and can cause permanent disability or death in some cases.

A Sugar Land Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help You

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