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Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one can be a traumatizing experience, more so when their death was as a result of someone else’s negligence. Getting justice for your loved one is important, but the process can at times be lengthy and complicated. However, you will be on the right path if you allow a Houston wrongful death lawyer to fight for what is right.

A wrongful death claim may take place when a person loses their life due to someone else’s negligence. When this occurs, close family members or dependants can seek legal assistance to aid them in pursuing justice for their loss, which is calculated and paid out in monetary terms. Any of the interested parties can present themselves in court and seek personal injury compensation on behalf of the deceased as a Plaintiff in a wrongful death case. For this reason, a Houston wrongful death lawyer will be able to help consolidate the separate efforts of each interested party into a single claim against the negligent party.

A Wrongful Death Warrants the Need for Justice

A wrongful death claim refers to a type of lawsuit or claim an individual files against another party for having been negligently responsible for the death of a loved one. In most cases, the loss of life was preventable, but when necessary measures were not put in place to mitigate risk, you may be able to file a claim against the party at fault for the damages caused.

In Houston, wrongful deaths do not have to be ill-motivated. For example, someone might be riding their your bicycle on the street when a driver fails to follow a stop sign and collides with the bicyclist, resulting in their death. These wrongful death cases can sometimes proceed to trial if the responsible party refuses to accept liability or the parties are unable to reasonably settle the claim. However, it must be proved that more likely than not, that the negligent party failed to act in a manner that a reasonable person would act. It is advisable that one hires a Houston wrongful death lawyer to prove liability, either to the negligent party for settlement or to the jury in a court of law.

Major Causes of Wrongful Deaths in Houston

Wrongful deaths in Houston occur as a result of different negligence factors. Some of these reasons include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The increasing number of motor vehicles on the roads of Houston should be a reason to worry for any resident and road user. Truck and car accidents have claimed many lives due to the careless and reckless driving by negligent individuals who purport to be qualified drivers. These driver may fail to follow traffic signals, drive under influence of alcohol, or even knowingly drive defective vehicles. Our Houston wrongful death lawyer perfectly understands motor vehicle accident laws and how to determine fault. We will rest at nothing but justice for your and your family.

Medical Malpractices

All medical practitioners in Houston have the moral and legal authority to take care of patients with the seriousness they deserve. However, some doctors and nurses may fail to adhere to these rules, leading to death. As such, you have the obligation to file a wrongful death claim and get the justice that your loved one deserves.

Product Liability

Many are the times you come across products in the shopping mall or grocery stores without much concern for their safety. For example, if someone buys an expired or defective good, consumes/uses it and loses their life as a result, you have the ability to sue the product manufacturers and seller. This will primarily be based on their negligence in failing to ensure that goods sold are fit for human use and consumption.

Accidents at Work

Any death that occurs while someone is at work in Houston due to the company’s negligence to maintain basic safety standards may qualify to be a wrongful death lawsuit. Some of these deaths are due to fire and explosions, lack of proper training for handling machines, or providing unsafe environment or faulty machines.

Who Can File a Houston Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Houston legal statutes give room for compensation to the deceased’s immediate family: children, spouse, and their parents. However, it is possible that more parties can make a claim for compensation. The estate of the deceased may make a Survival claim for the pain and suffering they endured prior to death. Additionally, any dependents of the deceased may make a claim for the lost support they would have received for the rest of their lives. These must be proven either in court or in out-of-court negotiations by your Houston wrongful death lawyer.

A Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer Is The Greatest Asset

We believe that a wrongful death should be handled by experts who perfectly understand the laws revolving death of such magnitude. This will enable them to seamlessly navigate through the case without causing you more pain. Our Houston wrongful death lawyers are passionate and dedicated to seeking justice for the loss of your loved one.

While that no amount of money is worth their life, the resolution will without doubt go a long way in helping the surviving family live a better life. Call our office today for a free consultation.

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