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Professional representation focused on delivering positive outcomes.

Our Approach

Our firm was founded on the principle that excellent representation begins the day the client first contacts our firm.

We use the full extent of our resources to the client’s needs beginning when the client first reaches out to us.  Our team will assess the nuances of your case, and ensure that you are in contact with an attorney best-suited to your needs.  We offer a free initial consultation where you can meet with one of our qualified attorneys who will be handling your case. This meeting will give you an idea of our strategy to achieve the best results for your particular case.  Your attorney and our firm’s support staff will then manage all communications with third parties, such as insurance companies and investigators, while giving you regular updates on the status of your case and letting you know when we will need your participation.

We also ensure that we meet the critical deadlines that are set by state law, and that all required legal paperwork is completed.  If your case proceeds to a trial setting, we will litigate aggressively on your behalf to produce the greatest possible outcome. After your case has finished, we will work with you to make sure that all potential lienholders are satisfied, and you can return your life back to normal.  While your case may be finished, we continue to assist our clients for as long as they need our help.

Our clients often first contact us during times of great stress and frustration.  A great disruption has occurred in their daily lives, and they need compensation for the damages incurred.  Our qualified attorneys work diligently to relieve the clients of this stress and give them peace of mind. We respond to all client questions quickly and ensure that our clients understand exactly what is happening in their cases.  Lone Star Injury Attorneys is more than lawyers and staff; it is a team of professionals devoted to client satisfaction.

Please reach out to our office for additional information regarding our attorneys and how we can help you in your personal injury case.  Schedule a free consultation today.

Our Attorneys

Our team of highly skilled attorneys will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you get the most positive outcome for your case.

Maxwell Paderewski

Maxwell Paderewski

A third-generation personal injury attorney, Maxwell Paderewski has spent his life around personal injury cases.

Mr. Paderewski has proven himself to be a tenacious trial lawyer, advocating on behalf of those injured as a result of the negligence of others.  In his work representing hundreds of clients, Mr. Paderewski has developed intimate knowledge of personal injury law. He aggressively litigates in support of his clients against large insurance companies who failed to properly compensate the injured.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Paderewski has aided countless clients in receiving proper compensation for their injuries.  His years practicing law has provided him with a nuanced understanding of what is necessary to achieve a desirable result in settlement or trial.  He is familiar with the misleading tactics of large insurance companies, and he is prepared to fight until the end of trial for his clients.

Mr. Paderewski has earned a perfect rating on Avvo, which provides ratings for lawyers based on their achievements, qualifications, and experience.  He has also received awards for his skills in Legal Writing & Research.

Mr. Paderewski received his bachelor’s degree from Emory University’s top-ranked business school before graduating cum laude from the University of California Hastings School of the Law, where he earned his J.D.  He is licensed to practice in Texas, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Mr. Paderewski is fluent in Spanish.

Brian Crockett

Brian Crockett

Brian Crockett has been working in personal injury law for his entire legal career.

Before becoming a part of Lone Star Injury Attorneys, Mr. Crockett worked for a major insurance company.  He understands the methods that insurance companies use to try to deny the pain of those injured by the negligence of others.  Now he uses that knowledge to best dismantle their arguments in front of judges and juries throughout Texas.

After taking his talents into his own firm, Crockett Law, PC, Mr. Crockett was able to work on behalf of the injured.  He has earned multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements, and continues to establish himself as one of the most talented trial attorneys in the state.  His deep understanding of both state and local law is a tremendous benefit to arguing the nuances of particular personal injury cases.

Mr. Crockett is an army veteran and current member of the army reserves.  In 2018, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.